Nero Panther Abstract Statue

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The Black Panther is symbolistic of power, beauty, and skill. Their historical energy has been linked to extreme stealth and raw magnificence. Within our modern culture, their image became much more versatile, offering a more graceful and silent approach. 


Adorn your home or office with the majestic Nero Panther Abstract Sculpture. Each Panther is handmade using nothing but premium quality resin. As our brand entails a more exclusive shopping experience, we carry limited quantity. Because of this, we recommend you add this elegant piece to your home before it's too late. Once our stock is gone, it's gone forever! 


Choose between Midnight Black, Ivory White, Aztek Gold, or Crimson Red. 



Material: Premium Quality Resin 

Weight: 0.30 kg 

Size: 26 centimeters by 5 centimeters by 8 centimeters