Penzolare Oval LED Lamp

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Bask in the warm light of the brand new futuristic Penzolare Oval LED Lamp from Belamei. Controlled by two magnet balls, the power switch is like no other lamp you've seen before. By simply lifting the lower magnet ball to the upper one, the two will meet and remain suspended mid-air, switching on the light. Easily turn off the light by disconnecting the two magnetic balls. 

The Penzolare Lamp is ideal for boosting creativity and increasing workflow in any environment. Each elegant and gentle curve makes it easy to the eye, instilling a soothing and calming effect. Not only does this beautiful icon function as a lamp, but it enhances the overall aesthetic of any room as a piece of modernistic art. 



Power Output: 1A, 5V 

Cable length: 1.5m 

LED Output: 5V, 5W 

Color Temperature: 3500K 

Lifetime: 50,000 hours 

Light Color: Warm White 

Weight: 0.772 kg 

Size: 26 centimeters by 46 centimeters by 8 centimeters